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At Experience Prince George's, we're all about growing tourism in our area. Our job is to make sure people know about our diverse tourism products, the unique aspects of our destination, and how their business will shine.

Working Together for a Better Community

When you join us, you're not just another member but part of a big family that works together. We bring businesses like yours into the spotlight here and outside our region. When we combine efforts, our mission and imprint are further strengthened.

Who Makes a Great Member?

  • Hotels + Accommodations: Where guests feel at home.
  • Shops: Where people find what they love.
  • Food & Drinks: Where global cuisines come alive.
  • Getting Around: Making travel easy and smooth.
  • Event Spaces: Where we celebrate arts, sports, and fun.
  • Fun Activities: From relaxing to adventurous.
  • Helpful Services: Those who support everything we do.

Together, we make Prince George's a lively and memorable place.

Why Join Us? (Membership has its privileges)

  • Get featured on our website and in our guide.
  • Be part of our special promotions.
  • Get help from our team to make your business known.
  • Join events and meet other business people.
  • Network with partners.
  • Learn from our marketing tips and tricks.
  • Be the first to know about partnership opportunities.
  • Receive membership news and tools.
  • Strategic lead generation from our sales team.


Membership Costs

Membership costs are annual and based on the number of employees in your organization or business.

Employees:         Annual Cost:

1 - 100                   $500

101 - 200               $1,500

201 - 300               $2,500

301 - 400               $3,500

401 - 500               $4,500

500+                       $6,000


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